Meet Kyla...Kyla started Vivum Lash Artistry in May of 2017. She enjoys Summer the most because she was born and raised in Arizona and loves the heat. Kyla has a husband of 13 years, and a daughter Avah, who is 11. Kyla loves salad and Dr. Pepper. She enjoys running long distance, lifting weights, and sun tanning. If Kyla could vacation anywhere in the world, she would choose Greece or to go on an African Safari.


This is Shelbie. She has been with Vivum Lash Artistry for a little over 4 years now, and runs the team's social media. Shelbie enjoys spending time with her two dogs and hanging out with her family. Shelbie married her husband Steven 3 years ago and has a baby girl named Stevie. She loves all the seasons except Winter! Shelbie says her favorite food is dessert and there are way too many to choose just one. If she could visit anywhere in the world, she would choose Greece.

                                   Full Sets                                        

Volume Full Set           3 hours               $ 175

Hybrid Full Set            2. 1/2 hours       $ 150  Classic Full Set            2 hours               $ 125




Volume Fill               1 .5 hours                $ 90

Hybrid fill                 1 .5 hours                $ 80

Classic Fill                1  hour                     $ 60


Add on extended 

       to any fill                     30 min                  $30

Other Services

new client consultation for foreign fill   15 min           Free

Sunless Spray Tan   20 Min                           $35

Removal                     30 min                           $ 20


Lash Lift                      1  hour                              $ 75      

Lash Tint                     30 min                            $20       

Brow Tint                    30 min                             $20    

Brow Wax                  15 min                                $ 15    

Nostril Wax              15 min                                 $ 15       

Lip Wax                     15 min                                 $10   

Chin wax                   15 min                                $10                                                           


Meet Raquel, she is the newest member to team Vivum. She was born and raised in Bountiful, UT. She loves doing lashes and nails. Raquel's favorite time of the year is Summer and Fall. She enjoys traveling, shopping, and spending time with her animals, especially her goose. Raquel's dream is to continue traveling and hopefully one day move to Hawaii.


This is Kinsley. She has been with team Vivum for a little over 2 years. Kinsley loves the Spring and Summer because she enjoys the lake and hiking. Kinsley also enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with her boyfriend. Kinsley says her favorite food is sushi and she loves ice cream. If she could pick anywhere to visit in the world, she would choose to go to Bali or Hawaii.