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  • Are eyelash extensions damaging to my natural lashes?

They absolutely can be if your lash artist isn't properly trained. The art of eyelash extensions have many elements. We take into consideration your natural lash health, meaning what we see appropriate to fit your natural lash that won't cause breaking of your natural lash or premature shedding, this sometimes means you will not get the longest, most dramatic lashes you are wanting, if your natural lash doesn't allow for it. We pride ourselves in keeping your natural lashes happy and healthy, and will not apply lengths and weights that will do anything to compromise that. We also ensure that there is only one extensions adhered to each one of your individual lashes, if multiple extensions and natural lashes are adhered together, it will result in lash damage.​

  • What are the differences between classic, hybrid, and volume lashes?

CLASSIC lashes are one eyelash extension applied onto one natural lash. This look creates a very light natural mascara look. We can only adhere as many extensions as natural lashes you have.

VOLUME lashes are eyelash extensions that are thinner in diameter, allowing us to put multiple lashes in what is known as a fan. We hand create each fan ourselves, that way we have control over the weight in each of the fans we are creating, making sure it is customized to each and every single one of your individual lashes. Volume lashes can create a much more dense look than what your natural lashes can give you. A lot of people think volume lashes are always associated with a dramatic look, which isn't true. If a light volume set is done, it can look light and fluffy and sometimes even more natural than a classic set.

HYBRID lashes are a mixture of classic and volume lashes.

  • How often do I need to come for infills?

We recommend that you get your extensions filled every 2-3 weeks. Everyone sheds natural lashes each day. Some people shed and grow lashes quicker than others. We ask that at your appointment, you have at least 40% of your extensions remaining, if you do not, we will consider it a new full set.

  • Do we fill over other artist work?

We are happy to fill over other artist's work as long as it was applied properly. Please see our "policies/appt. prep" section to read our requirements as well as expectations.

  • What products and makeup can I use?

Anything containing oil needs to be steered clear of. We always recommend that you avoid eye makeup. With the eyelash extensions, they create a dark lash line for you, so no need for eyeliner. Eyeshadows can be okay as long as they are glitter free and oil free, and you are taking care of them by properly cleansing them each night. Mascara is an ABSOLUTE no-no. The great thing about having extensions, is getting to ditch the mascara. If you apply mascara to the extensions, it is almost impossible to clean off completely and usually results in pulling of your lashes and causing you to need a new set.

  • How do I care for the extensions?

Caring for your lash extensions are quite simple, thats the best part! You need to make sure you are cleansing them properly with an eyelash extension approved wash. Brushing them each morning is essential to keep them in place and to make sure that your bringing blood flow to the area. You can and NEED to get your extensions wet, they are hair and hair needs to be washed! Avoid steam from saunas, heat from your oven, bbq grill, and keep an eye on those hair dryers. 

  • What if I want to remove my extensions? Is it necessary to take a break?

If you decide you no longer want eyelash extensions, we recommend that you come into the salon to get a removal. We have a special solvent that breaks down the adhesive and allows the extension to slide right off your natural lash. There is not anything on the market you can use at home to safely remove the extensions. Trying to remove them yourself will result in you most likely damaging them by trying to pick and pull them off. Our removal process is a quick 10-15 minute appointment that is painless and leaves your natural lashes healthy. You do not need to take a "break" from lash extensions if they are being properly applied. If you are going through health issues or had a set done elsewhere and it is causing damage, we may encourage you to take a break and use a lash growth serum.

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